This website is currently undergoing major reconstruction. In case you were unaware, a major incident at a Montreal data centre owned by Web Hosting Canada (which hosts this website) occurred in the morning of 28 August 2021. It appears that an individual with a third-party service provider used their privileged account access to connect to one of their management portals and without authorization, initiated server re-imaging on some of the backup servers, then on some of the production servers.[1] This resulted in the server having both its local storage and its external backup storage heavily damaged. This website was among the most affected accounts and initial attempts to repair the data on the backup server had failed with the likelihood of successfully restoring account data from this server is very low.

While the latest updates estimate that about 95% of the server will be recovered within 5 to 10 days, I decided not to wait and started re-creating my site one page at the time. The progress is slow to be sure, but it is advancing. My website will have a new appearance which although still being built you can certainly have a good idea on how it will look by being on one of the page with the new look. Please keep in mind that there is still more work to do, the font of the website among other things will still be change to gentium.

While I do not plan on constantly write updates on the progress, you can check the latest updated page at the bottom and if there is a specific page you want me to take care of next, contact me.


  1. Emil Falcon, Major Incident: What happened? (https://whc.ca/blog/major-incident-what-happened/ : accessed 30 August 2021).