My Chess Page

I am not really a good chess player as my current ratings are only 987 (Quick) and 944 (Regular), but I love the game. I am planning to add a chess related section to my website and this is where it will be. In the mean time, here is a list of upcoming tournaments and links to chess organization that might be of interest:

Upcoming Tournaments

13th Canadian Military Chess Championship, (March 17–19)

Rapid Chess Fundraiser, (March 25)

Reykjavík Open 2023, (March 29–April 4)

2023 Canadian Closed Championship, (April 6–11)

16th Grand Pacific Open, (April 7–10)

World Championship Match 2023, (April 7–May 1)

Bellingham Open, (April 22)

2023 Okanagan Open, (May 5–7)

2023 Victoria High School Tournament, (May 12)

47th Annual Paul Keres Memorial, (May 20–22)

Canadian Transnational Championship, (June 3–11)

My Past Tournaments

B Trophy 2016

MacAdam Trophy

11th Grand Pacific Open U1200

BC Senior

July Active 2017

Cox Trophy 2017

Jack Taylor Memorial U1600

Gonnalson Cup 2017

B Trophy 2017

Victoria Open U1600

Canadian Military Championship 2018

Grand Pacific Open U1200

MacAdam Cup 2018

March Active 2018

Cowichan Rapid Open

Cox Trophy 2018

September Active 2018

18th J.J. Dolan Memorial

2018 Jack Taylor Memorial U1600

Gonnalson Cup 2018

B Trophy 2018

2019 Victoria Open U1500

Active March 2019

MacAdam Cup 2019

GPO 2019 U1200

Gonnason Cup 2019

2020 Victoria Open - U1600

12th Canadian Military Championship

Active April 22 2020

Active April 29 2020

2020 Jack Taylor Memorial - U1400

2021 Victoria Open - U1400

Grand Pacific Open U1400

Dan Scoones Memorial - U1600

B Trophy 2021

2022 GPO U1700

MacAdam Trophy 2022

SCC June Tornado

It's Summertime

Cox Trophy 2022

BC Day Open U1500

Victoria Rapid U1400

Comox Chess Day Rapid

Gonnason Cup

B Trophy 2022

2023 Victoria Championship

VCC Rapid Fundraiser

Links to Chess Organizations

Victoria Chess Club

British Columbia Chess Federation

Chess Federation of Canada

Confederación de Ajedrez de América

Fédération Internationale des Échecs Biggest Online Chess Games Database