My Lunar Property
I own the Moon... or at least a piece of it!


Lunar Land Description:
Area I-7, Quadrant India, Lot Number 457 41:19
This property is located 21 squares south and 17 squares east of the extreme northwest corner of the recognized Lunar chart. [approximately one acre in size]

Lunar Property This is a view of my property derived from data accumulated by the Clementine satellite.

 This property is located near Crater Heinsius, approximately 161 km
 northwest of the Surveyor 7 landing site.


How is this possible?

In 1967, most of the world's nations (including Canada) signed the Outer Space Treaty. It basically said that no nation or government could claim title to our Solar system, it did not however say that no individual or corporation could claim title to it. So... in 1980 an individual by the name of Dennis M. Hope filed a Declaration of Ownership stating that he claimed title to Earth's moon, all planets and their moons. He filed his declaration with the San Francisco County Court Office, the United Nations General Assembly, the governments of the Soviet Union and of the United States of America, and since 1980 has been selling Celestial Real Estate worldwide.

Image taken by Mauricio López Escobar, 18 October 2003

The Neighborhood

This image of the neighborhood was taken by Mauricio López Escobar from La Reina, Santiago de Chile on 18 October 2003 using a Meade LX200 GPS UHTC 12". On this view, we can clearly see Crater Heinsius surounded by Crater Tycho, Crater Wilhelm, Crater Wurzelbauer and Crater Gauricus.


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