I am glad that you have found me after your long travels through the web. Now you are on a secured place where you may reside as long as you want to give me the honour to be my guest.

I have hosted VGA Planets games since 1999. The following year, I had a VGA Planets section on my first website (Marc.Moisan.com) which I transferred to the current site in 2001. I enjoy the game and still play occasionally, however I decided in 2004 to no longer host games. If you were looking for a reliable Canadian host, I recommend Robo Host.

VGA Planets version 4 is now in open beta test. You can download the complete beta package and you can pre-register version 4 now and get a version 4 reg code that will work with the current beta test version and all future updates to version 4.

I am always open to suggestions of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or comments.


Marc Moisan
VGA Planets Host

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